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July 19, 2016

Calling all Moms! This one’s for you!

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I’m going to talk about Moms, and pretty much just the Moms that I’ve identified below. If that isn’t you – then maybe share this with the other Moms it may pertain to.

I’m super qualified to talk about Moms since I am one.  And I’m not just a Mom to small children or teens anymore.

Nope, I’m the Mom of four daughters, the last of whom was married just over a year ago.  So I get you. I’ve felt and reasoned like this before. Maybe and or probably I won’t say. 🙂


Let’s talk about the different kinds of Moms, and which Mom you may be like… (Or, if you’re the bride, which Mom may be yours?)

Are you the Mom that sacrifices so much to her daughter that she won’t consider makeup for herself on her daughter’s wedding day?  

Are you a very giving, serving Mom so it would seem awkward to be pampered that day too? 

Are you the Mom who thinks “I’ll do my own makeup, there won’t be any difference” kind of  Mom?

Are you the “I don’t wear makeup and I don’t want to feel awkward with caked on makeup” sort of  Mom?


These are just some of the things I have experienced having worked with many Moms.  Well Moms, perhaps consider asking yourself some questions!:

Won’t your daughter talk about the time they will enjoy looking back at the pictures of their special day, and seeing your happy face in them? Won’t you too want to stand out and glow like your daughter in her pictures? The answer is of course! Many of my brides Moms sacrificed by HAVING their makeup done so their daughter could enjoy the day, and look forward to the moments captured in photos years later.

Wouldn’t you enjoy the time receiving instead of giving? Imagine the whole day, enjoying girl time with your girl, relaxed and yes, being pampered on her wedding day. Were you also giving of your time to help with the decisions, choices and planning of your daughter’s day?  Don’t you deserve to relax and enjoy after all that too? Won’t that be part of the memories?

Would applying the makeup yourself really be any different than the makeup applied for the end results of the photography? Well this one is an absolute yes! If I had a nickel for everyone who told me they thought they had put their makeup on heavy but once they saw the pictures it didn’t look as though they had any definition at all – well, you know. Proper application with proper products equals proper results – and great photos which become great memories!!

Would some makeup artist come in and put makeup on that would be heavy and cakey, and perhaps cause you to feel awkward, uncomfortable or leave you with a loss of confidence? NOOOO!!!!! Our topmost mission is to enhance your features thereby enhancing your feeling of confidence and helping you feel beautiful! If you don’t want to look like you have makeup on, IT STILL TAKES MAKEUP TO GET THAT LOOK. And we do that. And you would (again) love the results when you see the photography. Are you catching the theme here?


Kudos to those Moms who already knew all that and are ready to enjoy it all!!

So moms, come on,  I’ll look forward to pampering you!

xoxo- Susanne

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