**based off Barbicide Reopening Plan, COVID19 Sanitation Certification, State Policies and Esthetics Council Recommendations

Prior to any service- daily care for Artists: All team members take care of themselves personally- i.e. vitamins, eat and rest appropriately, and have personal health/ liability insurance, as well as current sanitation/ infection control certifications. Kara is notified of any individual or family health issues and monitors updated general covid numbers.

Prior to an event:
Artist Prep Protocol- All team members clean, disinfect & sanitize tools, clean underneath nails in personal preparation, and have alcohol, disinfectant and wipes, as well as a mask and gloves in their kits. MUAS replenish disposables like wedges, q-tips, cotton balls, spoolies, and prepare enough brushes and disposables in order to facilitate each client without brush re-use. 

All team members will already know from Bridal party questionnaires who is a) over 65, b) diabetic, c) has cardiovascular disease, or d) is immunosuppressed. All high risk clients are done in an order/even more stringent manner that minimizes risk. Client will receive reminders covering sanitation, potential recent exposure, requesting health updates leading up to the event, and advise on how to prep the workspace.

Onsite at an event:
*same precautions taken if visiting one of the in-home studios of our Artists*
Clients may wear masks when entering the space. All team members wipe down working areas before set up, then clean and sanitize between each client, and then clean up/disinfect before leaving. Items not in use remain contained at all times and Artists have trash bag for contained disposal. 

Thank you for your cooperation with these policies in order to keep everyone safe,
Kara Gomez- Co-Founder and Lead Artist

Sanitation and Safety Protocol

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