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June 14, 2016

Bridal Feature: Lisa’s Hampton Wedding

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Hello everyone!

You know to me, some of the best weddings have these elements – a warm family complete with lots of laughter and an atmosphere of comfort. I love to interact with lots of different personalities, and especially folks who are at ease with themselves and others. Upon meeting Lisa at her trial I immediately felt welcomed. Lisa chose a traditional classic church wedding, surrounded by family and friends.  What a joy to help her prepare!  Set up in her home was on her enclosed porch, with bright diffused light. (Anyone who works with me knows I can be a diva when it comes to light, but hey, I’m allowed to possess this quirk  aren’t I?) Lisa’s pretty red hair and intense green eyes stole the show against the contrast of her soft fair skin. Her mother and sister also sat in the glam chair.  And wow, mom’s platinum hair looked amazing against the bright dark blue dress she wore.

Did I mention we laughed, a lot? And that we talked about our families? You see to me, applying makeup just doesn’t seem like work to me.  It’s really more just an extension of serving my own family, a labor of love.

Thank you Lisa, it was my pleasure.

12973430_10206324588299563_7990378374986236043_o Susanne

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