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August 3, 2016

Artist Introductions- Bri

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It’s been a while since we did the last one of these.. oops!!! Benefits of a growing team, right!!
Well, it was super important that we continue bringing you a little more about each and every one of our talented ladies!! Next up…Hampton Roads Stylist, Brianne Jenney!!
everyone calls me Bri.
How did you get into makeup/hair?
I have been a licensed cosmetologist since 2003. I have always loved styling hair so I decided to go to school for it during high school and cant imagine doing anything else!
What’s your favorite part about what we do?
My favorite part about what we do is EVERYTHING!!! There’s no way i could narrow it down to one thing. From the very first consultation to the last second i’m with a client, I love it all!!!

What 3 items should no woman leave the house without?
I believe 3 things no women should leave the house without are, #1- Cell phone, now days they are just to handy to not have with you! #2-Debit/credit card, because you never know what might happen to where you would need it, even if you are just going to pick up your son from football you just may look down and realize you gas light is on but you didn’t bring any money or anything with you so you have to say a little prayer  and hope you can make it home on the fumes in the tank, not that that has ever happened to me before or anything 😉 and my #3 is very important, i believe no women should EVER leave the house with out her confidence!!!! I think there are to many negative judgmental people in the world today who are so fast to judge on their clothes, size, tattoos,and look before even knowing who they are on the inside.I think more women need to give out more compliments to random strangers, you may just change someones outlook for the day and give someone else the confidence they needed to hear! SO next time you see that overweight girl on the beach rocking her bikini, dont judge her because she left the house with her confidence and to me that’s amazing!
What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned in this industry?
The biggest lesson I have learned in this industry is probably just learning how to handle different personalities and being able to relax the ones who are nervous, but i love a challenge! There’s no better feeling than knowing you have an extremly picky client who is doubting your ability and you rock it and they are so happy! As a professional we learn how to read in between the lines of people and really learn how to get what they want achieved!
Any great stories from working with a client?
I was asked if i have any great stories about working with a client and the answer is YES, but i cant write about it because i would be here all day because i think every single client of mine is a great story! In this business we are able to build such great relationships to the point where a lot of my clients are not just clients anymore they are friends, even some are as close as family. I’m so blessed to have such an awesome job.
Do you have any advice you find yourself giving our clients? If so, what is it?
Advice i would give clients, especially brides are don’t expect your hair to look exactly the same as the picture you show me.We will do everything in our power to recreate the look you want but everyone’s hair is different. Also I tell this to every bride, when its your trial day and its time to look in the mirror and you see something you don’t like please tell us! This is what your trial is for, to make sure everything is perfect and that you love your hair, and we can usually tell on your face if you are lying! After all we are not happy unless you are happy!
Random Info:
Tell us about your family!
I’m from Buffalo New York area and moved to Virginia about 4 yrs ago to be closer to my mom, sister,nephew, and niece. Once I moved here I met my amazing husband who has two kids and now we have a 1 year old little girl named Aria.
What are your hobbies or non-work related activities?
Outside of work I love being at the beach or pool, summer is my fav! I also love spending time with the kids, shopping, or just sitting by a bonfire!
What is a little known fact about you?
A small little known fact about me that most people will never forget is that my favorite color is glitter! I totally love anything sparkly! I just feel like you cant have a bad day if you have something sparkly on! haha!
What’s your favorite guilty pleasure?
A little guilty pleasure of mine is probably watching to much Big Brother, not only do I watch the TV show but I also have the 24/7 live feeds.
Current favorite song?
My favorite song right now is…hhhhhhmmmm, well since I became a mom ill admit i’m kinda out of the loop on new music, I usually listen to “the wheels on the bus” or “if your happy and ya know it”. But I will say since I moved south my music range has really widened a lot. It use to be mostly rap, hip hop, and of course Michael Jackson but now I like anything even country which I never thought I would say haha!
Celebrity you would kill to do makeup/hair for?
A celebrity I would love to do hair for would probably be Reese Whiterspoon, I have always loved her and I think her hair is amazing!

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