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November 24, 2015


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Hi World-

Sorry for having been awol for the last couple of months!! We have been in full swing… and somehow, before we knew it, it’s November!! oops!!

We can’t complain… it’s been another growing year for our team. More Artists, more events, more photoshoots, more wonderful clients who we are so blessed to service, more products provided to those clients than ever before… the list goes on! I guess if I were to have one word for this year it would be “MORE!” While all those wonderful things have come about, of course, there comes with them, more challenges, more needs, and more ways of trying to figure out how to balance it all. The word balance….. who on earth came up with it… and more importantly, who on earth has achieved it????? Hahah!!!

That has been my goal recently… to take more time to clear my brain, so that I can continue to be the best I can be. Because only when I can think clearly can I come up with the answers to so many things… well, that and of course with the help of all of our awesome Artists. I don’t know what I would do without them. I often comment that they are the additional brains outside of my body!


Anyway, we will be working on getting this up to date and adding more features from beautiful weddings throughout the last few months. We thank you for your patience!!





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