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July 5, 2015

Bridal Feature: Emily’s Alexandria Wedding

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Never EVER have I met such a calm and well-rested bride.

Micaela and I just couldn’t believe how relaxed she was!IMG_3973

We had done a trial with her, where she had described that she wanted to look exactly like herself just with a few things touched up (redness, darkness under the eyes…the usual culprits).  So, I did soft natural makeup, really accentuating her gorgeous eyes!IMG_3974



Now, the twist with Emily is that she had a color tattoo covering her right shoulder that she didn’t want to show through her lace dress…and tattoos mean color-correction! After what seemed like hours of color correcting (which was actually only about 20 minutes), full-coverage foundation mixing to match the color to the rest of her back and blending…her tattoo was totally covered and it looked like she never had one! While generally the bride is most excited to see herself with her hair and makeup all done up with her dress on…Im going to be bold and say she was the most excited to see what she looked like without the tattoo hahaha.




Of course, she was absolutely still excited to see how she looked with everything done! Emily left the hotel room with her father, who was walking her to her First-Look with her Husband-To-Be…she couldn’t have looked more beautiful and oh-so-classy in her off-white slightly rose-y vintage lace dress!


I wish Emily and her new husband nothing but the best on their journey through life together



–Natalie E.

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