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February 15, 2016


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Hi friends!!

I know you’re thinking, “where the heck have they been? Did they forget about this blog??” hahah… if so, you wouldn’t be far off! Ooopss!!

Well- in 2016 we will be better!! I will be better!! This year, my main goal has been to be more organized so we can grow even better! I want to be the best leader, I want to be the best business owner, and I want to be the best wife, stepmom, and daughter too. I’m not going to lie- I’m not excelling in all categories like I would want… in fact, I’ve let a few things fall to the wayside ūüôĀ *womp womp* ¬†Not my proudest moments. BUT… 2015 was a major year of growth, so this year I want to be more focused and efficient and I do think I’ve made progress on that!


So… here’s a little recap of what’s been going on at Casa de Gomez, and with our team!

– In the fall, Susie’s husband and my¬†dad had a major cancer scare… all turned out fine and clear. Thank the Lord! *praise dance here!*

– Christmas and New Years was spent with my stepson Sebastian here with us

– Susie and I hosted a 2016 kickoff team meeting- I LOVE the optimism of a new year!

– We won the Wedding Wire Couples Choice Award for the THIRD year in a row!! We are so proud!!


– In the last week, I attended TWO major events:

  • ¬†A Bridal Team Webinar so that I could make sure we are growing in the right direction. This awesome webinar was hosted by the ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†incredible beauty trainer Erica Carr. The things we’ve learned from her already have been invaluable!
  • Wedding Wire World 2016- A 3 day conference of awesome business and client knowledge! It was great seeing friends from ALL over the country and meeting new ones too! We are only as good as our relationships!! I got to hear from the amazing Sylvia Weinstock (world famous celebrity cake baker), Monte Durham (Say Yes to The Dress Atlanta), Olympic Gold Medal Gymnast Shawn Johnson (who is getting married), and Bethany Frankel (The Apprentice/ Real Housewives/ Skinnygirl Brand Founder). These awesome speakers just made the week and I’m in the process of implementing some things from all of them now!!


Wouldn’t ya know…. I didn’t really realize how much had gone on until reading this JUST NOW!! HAhahaahahah!!! Wow!!

Well, get ready for so much this year… if it’s anything like I just recapped, I guess I better put on my seat belt!

Here are a few pics from Wedding Wire World!


Me and one of my fave Hampton Roads DJs,  Cedric!


Me and Showbride show Producer and Wedding Wire Expert, and most importantly one of

the men who helped us get started… Emer Lunasin!


Monte and I acting like we’re normal….


Monte and I acting like we’re NOT normal!! He LOVES selfies and he was SO amazing and

complimentary of what we have accomplished with our team!


And lastly, Wedding Wire CMO Sonny Ganguly! When I saw him, he recognized me… omg!!

Well, that should bring us pretty much up-to-date! Can’t wait to share more as 2016 continues!




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