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June 25, 2015

Bridal Feature: Allison’s Portsmouth Wedding

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Hello ladies!
So this time I’m writing about when you know EXACTLY what you want your wedding to look like. I’ll be covering Cohesion, Cooperation and Communication.
Allison’s wedding was cool on so many different levels. All of the details were carefully considered. First, after minor alterations she wore her mothers wedding gown. Between bridesmaids dresses, flowers, table decor etc, Allison wanted everything to coordinate just so. It all set a soft feminine look in cool mint green and blush pink. We really can set the tone for a wedding in lots of ways can’t we? Since Allison was all about Cohesion it included the makeup for she and the bridesmaids.



Next cool thing? It was Cooperation! Each bridesmaids had a thought regarding their look, but they all wanted to know what the bride wanted! Could a bride even ask for any better friends?!
I let them know Allison Communicated that she wanted everyone to have a soft bright natural feminine look to enhance everyone’s features. This came as no surprise to each bridesmaid and all were happy to defer to the bride.
So brides, whether you are like Allison and want that cohesion, or like the idea of a unique look for each of the members in your bridal party, just please tell your MUA! We will be happy to communicate your wishes to the bridal party. This helps all of us assist you in creating your very special wedding day!
As always, be beautiful!   Susanne

** Beautiful photos courtesy of David Champagne Photography

** Wedding planner: Susan Benjaminson Geoghegan of 29:11 Celebrations



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