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June 17, 2015

Bridal Feature: Brittany’s Vienna Wedding

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Brittany and Mike- an awesome couple

Brittany… the example of an easy bride, welcoming bridal party…. Man, did we luck out with this girl!


We got an email from her a year ago inquiring about service… she booked quickly with few questions. I could sense through her communication that she was a sweet girl. Months passed until we finally got to the time to schedule her trial. I remember thinking, this girl’s sweetness just radiates through the page!


When I went to do her trial, it was at her Groom’s parent’s house. I remember thinking that that doesn’t happen often, but that day I got the opportunity to meet Mike’s mom and I left very thankful for her encouraging nature.. it was apparent she loves Brittany like her own!


After being asked to return to the Brandt home for a pampering night for Mike’s Mom and Grandmother, we got to the wedding day… and I have to say, there are some families that just stay with you! From Mike’s family’s involvement to Brittany’s amazingly calm nature, it was just a breeze of a day! An organized Bride that knows what she wants, wants to enjoy her big day. But when she has support from literally everyone and the love of a family that obviously welcomed her a long time ago, it’s a truly magical day!!



Thanks to Brittany, Mike, and the Brandt and Iler families for making me feel welcome and providing me with lots of laughs through the day!!!!



***Photos by Carl Elixir Photography***


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