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June 12, 2015

Bridal Feature- Sarah’s Williamsburg Wedding

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Well I know it has been a while! Man have we been busy!!!
Since you last heard from us, we are brainstorming all sorts of awesome things to better educate our brides and audience as a whole!
One of the things we came up with are Bridal Features! We learn so much from our brides and we figured, the more we share about our experiences, the better!!
Today’s lesson really hits on how we sometimes do what the bride can’t quite do.. which is help them put together their look! Here’s Lead Hampton Roads Artist Susanne to tell us a bit about her experience with recent bride Sarah!
Hello ladies!

Isn’t it true that sometimes we don’t always know what we do want as much as what we don’t want?  Or, perhaps the vision of what we do want is fuzzy or difficult for us to articulate – but we recognize it when we see it?  (It’s why we ask for pictures.) But what if you just aren’t sure? (Another reason we do a trial.) Maybe like Sarah you were too busy working on finals to think about it! Sarah just wasn’t sure and was open to suggestions. She said she wasn’t one to wear more than light makeup daily.  (She’s in good company – there are so many of you out there.)

So Sarah described her perfect day. Outdoor wedding, colors and type of flowers. Then Summer and I saw her dress and jewelry. Taking cues from the hairstyle she chose and style of her dress and accessories, we got to work.

The crowning moment came as Sarah looked at the overall results and her eyes lit up in that “ah ha” moment as she said “I LOVE the vintage look you gave me!!”

That’s the moment you know that you played a part in creating important memories for a bride – and it’s so rewarding! Thank you Sarah!

                                     Be beautiful ladies!  Susanne Mayer

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