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April 16, 2015

There she is… Miss America

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Wow- the past week has been a whirlwind!

So much so, that I’m FINALLY getting the chance to write about it! Yikes!!!

As many know by now, our business was blessed last week and thanks to some magic… we got to work with the current Miss America, Kira Kazantsev!

Let’s start at the beginning-

Just a few short months ago, through some amazing connections, we were lucky enough to be named the official makeup team of the Miss District of Columbia Pageant. Our team uses Artistry Skin Care and Makeup and the organization was familiar with the fact that Artistry had sponsored the Miss America pageant for several years! We love the credibility our brand brings to our work. Since then, we’ve gotten to meet our lovely contestants (who I lovingly refer to as our pageant babies! hahaha!!), the Executive Board, and the sweetest of them all, the current Miss DC, Teresa Davis!




Well, a few weeks ago, the amazing Pageant Director, Tricia, contacted me and invited me to a reception that would be held while Kira was in town briefly. I about passed out then! But when asked if we could possibly touch up the contestants, I of course knew we would do whatever was needed to help the girls have a great experience meeting her! I really was so honored just that we were thought of to participate or assist at the event. We have been so well included already by the Pageant Board, I can’t say enough wonderful things about them all and the organization.

As the event got closer, Tricia mentioned to me that she would see if we could get some pictures with Miss A, or perhaps touch her up. To be honest- I really wasn’t expecting anything to come of it, I mean, it’s MISS AMERICA!! She’s got this! Hahaha!!!

Last Tuesday night, I said to my husband… “you know, her name is Kira, and my name is Kara. I think that means we’re supposed to be friends! Just wait and see!” He laughed and said “I wouldn’t start with that comment and freak her out!” hahahahahah!!! THAT is how my husband keeps me in check!

Fast Forward to last wednesday, and I get a call at 10:45am- yes- I remember the time! It’s Tricia asking if I could be downtown at 3pm- and ta-da….. to actually get to prep Miss America for the evening’s reception. Ok… so remember when I said I thought I was going to pass out before… let’s take that and multiply it by 100! I called Micaela and basically said “please drop what you’re doing and come with me!” Too funny, huh?? *Let’s insert a much needed thank you to Micaela here… because she is a wonderful yin to my yang…totally calm, while I’m freaking out! Love that girl more than words can say and all of THAT is why she’s my awesome partner in crime!!*

Well, we head downtown… I’m totally nervous.. and did I say already how calm Micaela was??!!?? We were SO excited to find out how absolutely awesome Kira was… seriously, we could go on forever! She was excited when she saw our awesome products (her friend and Former Miss America, Mallory Hagan, uses them and worked closely with some business partners of ours in their home state of New York), that she actually gasped and squealed when she realized we were giving her her very own Artistry Lip Color and Light Up Lip Gloss! Too funny!! We learned all about her life, funny Miss America stories, you name it… and to be honest, she is the true representation of what you want for this country. First generation American,  big military supporter, super smart, well-spoken, girl next door, gorgeous, funny, and just fun!!! She made sure to follow us on Instagram, sign photos for us, you name it… and you know what she said when I spelled my name??? “Wow- our names are one letter off… Kira and Kara… we’re meant to be friends!” (You don’t want to know the funny OMG going through my head… note to self- tell husband I was RIGHT!!!)


After a night with all of our pageant babies, Miss DC, Miss VA (who was the 1st runner up at Miss America, I might add!!!), Miss MD, and Miss America- needless to say, I can say we truly accomplished another major milestone. We had been speaking it for quite a while and before we even realized it, it ACTUALLY HAPPENED!!!!  The best part of it all… we had fun doing it (as we’ve always vowed to do)! Micaela and I did our celebratory high fives and hugs, and together we breathed a sigh of relief, because not only were we recognized for our hard work, but by the most awesome of people. I will admit, it took me over an hour to get home that night… why?? Well, I was too excited I couldn’t quite pay attention to my gps!! I missed about a MILLION turns… oops! Oh well- totally worth it!!!

We are so very blessed!

Here are a few other highlights from the evening….





Finally, that night, when we saw THIS on Instagram, I screamed bloody murder in excitement… and then I promptly fell asleep not long after from exhaustion!!


Thank you all for being a part of our journey- we honestly can’t thank you enough for your kind words, allowing us to service many of you for events and products, and ALL of your cheers along the way!!!!

Here’s to putting your best face forward-



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