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March 26, 2015

The Power of Relationships

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5 Years ago….

If you had asked me 5 years ago, where I would be today.. I may not have been able to answer you , but I certainly wouldn’t have told you I would be up in the middle of the night blogging my thoughts about a beauty team! Heck- this business wasn’t even a thought in my brain at that point!

I had this topic cross my mind tonight and I was compelled to share… I think it doesn’t only apply to our team, but to every person as they go through life.


You’re probably thinking.. well, duh! But tonight as I skyped with a former Bride of ours, Beth, who now is starting her own wedding planning business, I thought, “man- am I lucky or what?!?” 3 short years ago I didn’t know this girl from Eve on the street, and tonight, we’re chatting like old friends. How cool! She and I have never actually been in the same room, yet, when she first called me 3.5 years ago to get info about our team for her wedding, an hour quickly passed during our first phone call like it was normal. I followed this awesome gal through her wedding day, through her new husband’s 9 month deployment, the purchase of their first home, and now, as she is building her business. Have we known each other so well I would know her pet’s name?? No. But would I say I’ve learned about her and gained some major respect for the life they have started to put together… obviously driven majorly by her awesomeness!

She messaged me a few weeks ago about starting her business and her wanting to use us as a preferred vendor for her future brides, and it hit me… relationships can absolutely transform your life, bringing the coolest opportunities and memories to pass, that may not have ever happened otherwise! So, tonight we sat for easily another hour, catching up, and chatting about future plans to do more together. I was reminded how funny it is that when you meet someone, you just never know what may happen and how your lives may continue to intertwine through the years when you least expect it.

I’m so excited to see what is to come, and everyday, I get excited at each email that comes through… who knows… I may be cheering on another of our Brides at some other major milestone another 3 years from now! For now.. I’ll start with a pic from the day that started it all- this pic cracks me up!! What a fun bunch!  (Photo credit to Jason Hillian of All You Photo)

Beth then


And leave you with where Beth is now… follow @uniquelyinspiredevents for updates as she and her friend launch their business!


Beth nowBeth logo


Here’s to helping you put your Best Face Forward!





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