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March 16, 2015

“Moderately priced”

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Ah, Facebook groups…..

As a beauty vendor, as I’m sure with any other industry, there are tons of FB groups to be part of.

I love them- for the ones that are vendors only, I feel they can be super helpful to create a sense of community and I totally feel that is needed more and more! Help each other so we can all be awesome- Lord knows there is plenty of business to go around.

But recently, I’ve been added by friends and other vendors to all sorts of open forums.. these are a bit different, in that potential clientele can post an inquiry or what they are looking for, and get responses for possible vendors to choose from within minutes with people recommending themselves or others! What a small change even from when I was wedding planning! It’s kinda cutthroat at times.. I mean, I never had 50 people clamoring to be my photographer within 30 minutes.. hahaha!!

In these forums, I’ve discovered the new “phrase” of today’s budget bride… “Moderately (or Reasonably) Priced.” As in- “I’m getting married on ____ date and I’m looking for a reasonably priced makeup artist.”  Now, I understand that people have limits and money doesn’t grow on trees or anything (HOW SAD, HUH??!!?? hahah!), but the more I’ve seen this, the more I want to ask questions! My biggest one is always, if you aren’t in the wedding industry, how do you know what “reasonable” pricing is? I just don’t go to a doctor and ask “are you reasonably priced” before I have any important testing done.. I just go.. because I look at the qualifications, I need the service and I need it to be done correctly and well.  I don’t ask the power company that question either….although after this winter, maybe I should ask for more moderate pricing to keep my toesies warm 🙂 But, I find this is done more with services or vendors that people feel are in “luxury” or “nonessential” industries.

My questions to the budget bride, and should you be one, or know one, take note… here are just a few things to consider before making an important decision solely based on price:

– Why are you seeking out a vendor in the first place? Do you know how to do that service? If not, I would think you want to find someone who REALLY knows what you don’t, and isn’t just playing around. A professional is a professional for a reason.

– If you don’t know enough to do said service yourself, I encourage you to assess what level of importance is the QUALITY or VALUE of the service.. even if something is $5, I want it to at least be worth the $5 I paid.. same should be for something that’s $300… what’s your return on the investment?

– If you don’t want to pay a ridiculous amount of money for a vendor, how badly do you want to take on any possible risk that goes with a non-professional?

– In the case of wedding beauty, if you are spending any decent amount of money on a dress, photographer, etc.. wouldn’t you want to make sure you look absolutely fabulous in that dress and in those photos?!? You have to look at them and yourself in them for the rest of your life!


As I’ve said, I totally understand times can be tight… but sometimes in an effort to save money, you shortchange yourself AND the possible perfect vendor to make your dreams come true. I hate hearing horror stories about brides who went with someone simply out of budget.. because most of those stories end in that beautiful woman’s day being ruined or impacted. To me, that is far worse of a cost to pay! So next time you see (or use) those words above, remember….. ExpensiveHere’s to helping you put your Best Face Forward-



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