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March 5, 2015

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

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Team- a number of persons associated in some joint action

I am a member of a team, and I rely on the team, I defer to it and sacrifice for it, because the team, not the individual, is the ultimate champion. – Mia Hamm

Teams are awesome… and ours is the best! Pretty bold statement, huh?

Well, as you get to know us, you’ll learn why I say this confidently and often- I promise!

You don’t have to look far for tons of quotes and phrases, all about teams. In truth teams are awesome, but not everyone functions well in that environment. To be honest, I was raised around successful business teams ever since I can remember, and yet whenever I saw someone post those kinds of quotes or phrases I would laugh and somewhere deep down I would think “how cheesy.” Now, three years into our beauty business, I realize those phrases don’t even begin to touch how true that is. Funny how perspective changes!


There is no “Best Face Forward” without all of our awesome ladies. People may see  me or Susie, or know the story about how we got started, but the truth is that our “posse” of Artists are the ones who make us excited about this journey! So, while we have our Lead Artist page here on the website, there is so much more to them than a brief career bio! So- here’s a few fun personal facts about some of our gals, or “ladybosses” as you might see them lovingly referred to:

Micaela is mother to a little Artist in training, Joella. She is also a model, which together with her skin, makeup and hair skills, make her quite a force to be reckoned with in the beauty industry!

Susanne is mother to 5 children and wife to handy Husband, Curtis. She has run muliple businesses for many years and may be one of the most organized people we know!

Larissa is originally from Indiana and is perhaps one of the most giving people we know… she works during the day for a crowdfunding custom T-shirt company called Booster.

Karen is wife to Husband, Mike, and mother to 3 kids and 2 awesome dogs. She’s a great sister, friend to many, and runs a Prosthetics and Orthotics practice during the day!

Mandy is wife to Husband, Chuck, and mother to the incredibly smart Sophie. She and her family love to have fun at outdoor events and even go on camping trips!

Satria (Tria) has a wonderful personality that you can’t help but love! She’s passionate about her family and friends and always open to new opportunities and experiences. Her smile and laugh are infectious!

Some other of our awesome Artists include:

Leanne- Hair- Supermom to 4 young children.

Alena-  MUA-Banking by day, mom and wife by night…a NC native living in MD and a fan of the 49ers!

Cypress- MUA -Originally from the Phillipines and came to VA by way of Germany. Wife and mom to her pride and joy, Kai.

Summer- Hair-  Fiance and mom to a beautiful 1 yr old. Summer helps run a tanning boutique in Hampton Roads and is a big fan of the Alabama Crimson Tide!

There are a few others who you will get to know as time goes on!

While you may see our girls rocking tons of weddings and events throughout the year, they do it because they love our clients and are passionate about their fields! But there is so much more to them we hope you get to know. They are fabulous and talented Artists with supportive and awesome families that motivate them! When you meet them, we hope you come to love them like we do!

Thanks for letting us help you put your “Best Face Forward,”



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