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March 3, 2015

Oscar Hits and Misses

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Ah, the Oscars.. the epitome of all things awesome about movies.. glamour, drama, all kinds of characters… such a fun night!

I’m kind of a (and when I say this, I really mean a TOTAL) Awards show groupie! I don’t care if I haven’t seen half the movies, but I do normally try to cram a few in before the big night. You’d think I was studying for a test or something.. hahah!!

Once I started the team, I thought, wouldn’t this be fun to make a it a fun thing to sit and dish on the red carpet styles together? And so we did starting last year! So fun to spend a night with some of my best gals, giving our insight, as well as getting a good idea of the things we would maybe see that wedding season. This year, we had a big party planned, but the snow had other thoughts!

Oh well..we had fun virtually and I can’t wait to make it even better next year!

The red carpet was full of captivating looks…. here were a few select faves from our Artists and clients!

1) Emma Stone- way to rock some color!! that coral lip was great to make sure she didn’t get lost in all the green… loved it!! Sideswept hair.. YES!!!

Emma Stone


2) Rosamund Pike- While I was super duper unhappy with the ending of Gone Girl, we have to all admit, she did a great job at being totally cray! But the red carpet.. wow! Several of our girls loved that she had enough blush to make sure that bold red didn’t wash her out! Pure elegance!Rosamund Pike

3) Anna Kendrick- Can I please just share now, that I wanna be her bestie?!? Weird? ok.. we’ll just pretend I didn’t say that! Hahaha!! But kudos to her stylist! Coral was fabulous on her, soft makeup and romantic hair.. check, check, and check!Anna Kendrick

4) For our Va-Va Voom award..I now present Chrissy Teigen… I think that girl knows she’s gorge… and who doesn’t want songs being sung about them by one of the most popular musicians on the planet! Her bold lip was a great risk that most would probably agree paid off! I adored the unique dress color and the waves to bring out her highlights!87th Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals



1) Scarlett Johansson… ugh.. where do I start… I love her, I hate the look, the hair and the necklace…  🙁



2) Solange Knowles… there are no words 🙁   Makeup at least saves this… kinda…



As for the men… who didn’t love Eddie Redmayne!! Anyone else we missed?? Who were your faves!?!?

Can’t wait for next year! Hope you all will be ready for the viewing party of all viewing parties!



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