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February 22, 2015

The Day It All Started…

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They say when you can’t find something that you want, you’ve identified a need. then most people will tell you to go fill it! That’s exactly what we did!
Rewind back 5 years ago I was planning my very own wedding. My mom and I quickly decided that we needed the help of an event planner after all, that was not our expertise, and we’re of the belief “let the pros handle it!” It came down to a couple of months before the wedding and given that our experience in the beauty industry was extensive, of course the next question came, ” who have you chosen to do your makeup and hair?”
My answer… I have no idea! I don’t want to do it myself, I didn’t want my mom to have to lift a finger, and every bridal show I had been to unfortunately did not provide me with choices I had confidence in… after all, no one had asked me about my skin, no one mentioned my skin tone or anything about the ideal colors that I would be confident in wearing,no one asked me what products I used on a regular basis, the list goes on. In short, I had a lot of people tell me what they thought would look fabulous on me without asking important questions. Long story short, we ended up having someone we had trained with do our makeup and my awesome cousin (who is a stylist in NC) was kind enough to do our hair! Looking back, we lucked out that we knew such talented people! Most people aren’t so lucky and it can impact such an important day… If you don’t love looking at yourself in your wedding photos, that makes me sad!!
Anyway- after the wedding, we got some encouragement to begin our very own dream team… And we did! I remember sitting down one night and writing all the things I wished I had found. VOILA! A team was born! I’m so thankful that we’ve found such great gals to agree to join us on this journey… But it all started with the most important day of my life! I look back at these photos and still love them so much, but who would’ve guessed then, what would come from it!
Here’s some pictures… We hope you enjoy!!

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