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January 19, 2015

Hello world!

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Hello World!
Eekkkkk!! I can hardly believe it! Our website and blog are now live!
We’ve been in business for 3 years now and I know what you’re thinking- why on earth did you wait??!!!?? Well, that’s easy to answer….
I have to be honest, this team has been a labor of love for me and my Mama!  When we started on this journey and really ever since, I’ve always wondered if our perspective was something that had a place in the big bad wedding world… Would people really care about what we had to say? Would people want our experience?? Was it really something so unique that it would hold some value? Well, I think it finally hit me that the answer is YES!
We started this team after planning what is probably the craziest, awesome, most stressful but most rewarding day of my life… I look back at pictures and I look like a deer in headlights! Haha!!! I’m a control freak and while i have to say i had the most awesome vendors ever, if i could change anything, I would make sure I really was in the moment more. So…. My goal quickly became for clients to understand that if they don’t look and feel the most fabulous ever, then they’ve been shortchanged! I never want another bride to not truly take in the moment! I remind our Artists all the time to put themselves in YOUR shoes!
We want to marry (haha! No pun intended) your vision with our expertise!  Our awesome team has over 100 years of collective experience (what??!!!??)
So, get ready to enjoy some awesome tips, beautiful pictures and a whole ‘lotta glamour going on throughout the Mid-Atlantic!
Here’s to helping you put your “Best Face Forward!” Xoxo-

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