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March 4, 2019

Engagement Session Preparation

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Congrats!! You’re engaged and planning your first photo session with your photographer… this is so exciting!!

Many people hire us to be prepped for these sessions, and it’s likely the majority of you have never had
makeup professionally done! It’s OUR job to help you feel most comfortable for the camera!

Here are a few key prep tips:
1) If you’re working with us, we’ve sent you a personalized assessment to complete, so that we know
all your likes, dislikes, regimen, etc! Make sure to return that in plenty of time!
2) Send a couple photos of what you consider your everyday look- this is important to know how
you see yourself daily, so that we can assess your comfort level with makeup!
2) We will be sending you a preparation document that covers everything from what to wear, to where
we should prepare you in your home!
3) Choose clothing that you really love or feel confident in. Do you know your best colors that really work
best for you and your skin tone? A flattering color on camera really makes all the difference!
4) Make sure to iron or steam those clothes- wrinkly clothes in photos don’t look great!
5) Most engagement sessions are set for sunrise or sunset- and you can look tired at both times of day!
EYE CREME IS ESSENTIAL!! We always use it- but if you have any, make sure to put it in the fridge for
maximum impact on application!!
6) Make sure to be as communicative as possible to ensure your artists can give you what you are looking for!
Not communicating your preferences or your wishes to change or adjust anything only impacts you, so make sure and
speak up!

We hope this helps- just a few key tips to make your session go smoother!!!
Here’s to feeling fabulous in front of the camera!
Kara, Susie & team

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