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February 13, 2019

Grammys Beauty and Fashion- Hell Yeah or Ohhhh Hell No!

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Sunday night was the biggest night in music… the Grammys!

Anyone that knows me knows I LOVE awards shows… I don’t care if someone was getting an award for the most boring thing ever, I’d likely watch it! Ha!!! I don’t know what it is… maybe something about watching people achieve??!! Maybe I’m just a ridiculously obsessed people watcher?? Whatever it is- my poor husband (The Husband in Chief) has to sit through these things, because I use the excuse that I have to observe all the makeup and hair trends. I’m sure he’s giving a hard eye roll every time I say that!! Too funny!!!

So as Sunday rolled around, here I come with my “I have to see the trends!!!” argument.. and well, it worked again.. but this time I really did pay more attention. Which means I have several choices for each of the 2 categories I call:


HELL YEAH! – as in, I love it, I’m all in, I’m sold on this look!


OHHH HELL NO!!- which means I wonder who on earth let that person out the door looking like that. Love is looking out for people to NOT be on the “worst” list… spread the word!!!


So…. with that being said.. here are my selections!



Lady Gaga on the Grammy red carpet wearing a silver dress

  1. Lady Gaga- now maybe this is because I finally saw “A Star Is Born” the night before.. but I’m ON THE GAGA TRAIN!!! I love this chick… her look, her dress, everything. It was the perfect combination for the classy artist that still rocks!! Yes, yes, yes!!


Jennifer Lopez on Grammys red carpet wearing designer dress and hat

2) JLo- Yaaaassss girl! I love her.. anything she does in terms of her looks pretty much goes on my great list! Loved the Glow, metallic touches, loved the high neckline, the funky hat… but that Motown performance I could’ve done without!!! Just no!


Camila Cabello on the Grammy red carpet in pink evening gown

3) Camila Cabello- I loved this pink look with matching monochromatic makeup. The simplicity of her hair gave an ease to the look to ensure she didn’t look too overdressed. Impressive!


4) Lastly, Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz- These 2 took my “couples” award for best look.. dress-yes! Hair- yes! Even though she was light on the makeup- yes! But unfortunately, I DO think she was lacking with her looks the rest of the night without any makeup on. I get she’s on a “natural” kick, but people… NATURAL SHOULD AT LEAST INCLUDE A LITTLE EVENING OUT OF THE SKIN TONE AND SOME GLOW!!! Otherwise, again, I love her… I was torn! ahahah!!! Her hubby always looks so sharp! I love a male in the music industry that doesn’t look like he popped out of Grover’s trash can on Sesame Street, or straight out crazy.


And now for the ones I KNOW you were waiting for…


Katy Perry at the Grammys on the red carpet with Anna Kendrick

  1. Katy Perry- dear sweet Jesus- please give this girl some common sense, some style, and please give her handsome boyfriend Orlando Bloom a mouth to say “girl, that is NOT CUTE!” hahaha!! I’m also over her short “i rule the world and I’m a HBIC” haircut! We get it.. you were empowered divorcing Russell Brand, but lordddddddd!!! 🙁


Heidi Klum on Grammys red carpet in white dress with wings

2) Heidi Klum- where is she flying off to with those wings?? Enough said.


Ricky Martin at the Grammys on the red carpet with his son

3) Ricky Martin- Oh Ricky, say it ain’t so… ugh. I get the kinda casual vibe, but you look like you hopped off a motorcycle, realized you forgot your dress coat, borrowed someone else’s, and well… blahhhh. Then that mustache.. it just doesn’t even match the hair!! Whattttt haaaapppeneeedd!!! Mad props to his son for a sweet hairstyle and fashion!


Cardi B at the Grammys on the red carpet with Offset

4) Cardi B- While I love this girl, how on earth did she even get this in a car???? What on earth is this supposed to be?? I get her outrageousness, but whooooaaaa! How is it that (supposedly) cheatin’ fool of a husband looks better?! He has some GOOD PEOPLE on his team making him look normal.. haha!!!


Who were your hits and misses of the night? Are you as big an awards junkie as I am?? Next up.. THE OSCARS!!!

Here’s to putting your Best Face Forward,


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