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November 29, 2018

Meet Our Friends: Dominion Wedding Entertainment

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Introduce yourself!! Tell us all about your business! What do you do and how did you get into your field? Make sure to mention any team members/ partners!!

Bob, daughter Erin, son Robert (a family affair). Also employ Saad, Miguel, Lois, Mike, Scott, Zach, & Kyle

Started 16 years ago as DJ/Emcee services. Expanded now to uplighting, night sky effect lighting, custom monograms, lighted pedestals, photo booth, dancing on the clouds, etc. Down the road, I may hire a seasoned photographer & videographer to join my team.



What do you love about your business? What makes you different?

I LOVE the whole experience of planning a couples’ entertainment. Seeing everyone groovin’ to the beat of the music I play whether it be for dinner or dancing. Seeing guests enjoy the photo booth and the lighting effects is cool as well. Sometimes I feel like a movie producer getting all of the services that I offer to work just right and choreographed at the right time.

I feel what makes me different is that I want everything to be PERFECT, not just good but PERFECT. In my opinion, my attention to detail is unmatched. I have had event planners tell me that I am the best prepared that they have seen. One planner told me when she gets married she would like me to provide the entertainment and run her reception for her. J J I am proactive and take pride in my super fast business responses. They say “the early bird gets the worm”.


What do you love to do in your free time?

I like to see live music (concerts). Ride my Harley Davidson trike or drive my 1969 Mercury Cougar that I bought when I was 18. Shoot pool and throw darts.


A little known fact about you?

I also work full time for the US Treasury. I work at the Bureau of Engraving & Printing. I can literally say “I make money” as I print US Currency.

I went to college as a music major. I played, saxophone, trumpet, piano & violin. I did not graduate but I see my business today as an offshoot (so to speak) of my musical upbringing. As a teenager, I played in a family band with my 4 other brothers and sisters and my Dad.


Your goal for this year??

I would like to try to finally take a nice vacation after 16 years of busting ass. J J My wife would like to go to Hawaii, so that would be nice. From a business goal point of view, 50 weddings in 2019 would be awesome. In 2018 I did 42 weddings and in 2017 I did 40 weddings.


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Instagram: @dominionweddingentertainment


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