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November 26, 2018

Engagement season

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Holidays…when most think it’s time to rest, right?

Not exactly…

Right about now is when wedding vendors start looking ahead to the next year… yes, we’re just kicking into high gear! If you think about it, you probably know people who got engaged sometime during a past holiday season, right?? Chances are high you’ll see more in the coming weeks… in fact, according to this article from our friends at WeddingWire indicate a majority of the 10 most popular dates to get engaged fall between now and New Year’s day!


So, that means NOW is prime time…

Check out these 4 stats provided by WeddingWire  and our specific commentary on the amount of truth to each, based on what we see happen! If you or someone you know is getting engaged or already engaged and now beginning their search for vendors, please make sure and share. Educating our potential clients is key to our success!

  • 17% of engagements happen on the same 10 days each year – we find this to be TRUE (and as mentioned above, most are during this time!) This means that we begin to get an influx of inquiries during the holidays! Being patient with us vendors is appreciated since many times this is the first stretch of time we’ve gotten to spend with our families in a while! During the fall months, we spend many weekends with our clients!


  • On average, couples are engaged for 12 – 13 months before getting married – we find this to be KINDA TRUE. We don’t totally agree with this stat. We find that couples getting engaged during holiday seasons are likely to be choosing a date for either next spring (if they are eager!) or next fall (to avoid a hot day!) in many cases. This means that 90% of BFF inquiries are for dates that fall in only 5 or 6 months of the year!


  • Most couples search for the majority of their vendors 7-9 months prior to their wedding– again, we find this KINDA TRUE.  More people wait till even later for their beauty vendors in many cases. We REALLY encourage you to start as soon as possible because we DO get last minute inquiries often! If your date is in a busy time of year, waiting can have many downfalls. Many people lose out on vendors they would otherwise choose because those vendors are individuals or small groups who are limited in the number of people they can service on any particular date. While we have a team and can usually still take care of a bride and her party no matter what, there are some things to note. BFF operates on a first booked, first serviced basis. This means, brides booking well in advance guarantee getting their closest artists, they get preference with their timeline, and they likely avoid travel fees. Those booking closer to their dates are subject to be fit in on our schedule, and that can have implications such as a not ideal timeline, rushing to get paperwork done, travel fees, or multiple artists needed to get your party done still on time.


  • 50% of all weddings occur on only 25 days – TRUE! With only 52 weekends in a year, there is massive competition for those highly-prized Saturdays!! So again…keep our advice above in mind and PLAN EARLY!!!!


So…now that you have a little insight as to this season, please share the wealth with your engaged friends!! We look forward to meeting so many more 2019 brides during this time of year… and the more the better!! Help us help you help your friends!!! Are you ready to get info for YOUR big day or next event? Head on over to our CONTACT page!

All the best,

Kara, Susie, and team



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