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May 6, 2016

Pageant Life..A Whole New World

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I feel like I always say this… it’s been a full couple of weeks! But really ya’ll…. this time I mean it!! 😉

It’s officially pageant season…. bring on the awesome gowns, bold colored fabulous bathing suits, and all the thought-provoking questions!  We are always excited for this totally different type of work… we like to switch it up a bit!

In one of my last posts I recapped a bit about our headshot day with the Miss DC beauties… well another couple weeks later, we got to have a BIG day for our team. Miss America and Miss America Outstanding Teen were in town for the National Cherry Blossom Parade and we were blessed enough to prep both of them!!



These type of things are always so fun… getting up at the crack of dawn.. who even cares when it’s gonna be for a big event! Leanne and I pulled up to the St. Regis and were in the best mood at 5am.. which you may only rarely ever hear me say!! Larissa and Tria met Allie (MAO Teen) at the National Archives.. I mean, who gets to do that? Security checks, names on some secret list.. too much fun!!  In fact… this is seriously a hilarious pic!!


I love this pic of Allie finishing being prepped and Betty being touched up.. talk about girl time!



Anyway… as usual, we end up having such funny stories, and the faces we’ve seen as such “celebrities” are really just everyday girls too. Betty (Miss A) is the kind of girl you’d want to go out, have a burger, go to a game, or something fun with! That girl has such a great sense of humor! Larissa and Tria ended up meeting who we later figured out, was the singer, Raheem Devaughn.. and my ultimate jelly moment… she saw TIFFANY!! Like 1980s red haired singer Tiffany! I idolized her as a kid… did I say I was jealous?!?! Hahahah!!!


Here are a few pics from the day… again, as always, thank you to the Miss America Organization, the Miss America Outstanding Teen Organization, and the Miss DC Organization for seriously blowing my mind with the experiences we have been blessed with!


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