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March 14, 2019

5 Beauty Commandments to Live By

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I’ve now been in or around the beauty industry for the last 22 years… from the time I was 16, I began like everyone else, trying to figure out what worked for me and what wouldn’t. I remember friends going through puberty and having the worst time. Let’s face it, your teen years are NOT the nicest for everyone… hormones, acne, finding your voice and your identity.. I mean, that’s a lot to handle!


Fast forward to today, and I have people ask me all the time about what my thoughts are on a little bit of everything. “What’s the best skin care?” “What lip colors are your favorites?”  “Can you help me find a good foundation?” … and the list goes on. If I sit back and think about it, my answers ALWAYS come back to the basics. I remember reading a book once that talked about Vince Lombardi (legendary football coach) and he taught EVERY team the basics no matter how much they won. His players always quoted him starting training sessions by holding up the ball and yelling “THIS IS A FOOTBALL.” Kinda obvious, right? But I guess I teach the same way… the basics never go out of style! So here are a few of my basics… my beauty commandments! You can never go wrong with these! 

  1. Have a skin pro help you determine your skin type and find you a proper basic 3 step system!  Most people have NO idea how to describe their skin. Once you know, you can find the proper products to achieve the skin goals you have. A cleanser, toner and proper lotion/gel/ cream will be needed for optimal skin health NO MATTER WHAT SKIN TYPE YOU HAVE.  Don’t leave out the toner like most do!! Each one of the 3 steps have a purpose! 


  1. Don’t be too rough on your skin! Teaching people how to properly wash their faces is something I commonly teach. Many are TOO aggressive with their skin. Be gentle!  


  1. Don’t pop breakouts!  When acne rears it’s ugly head, first instinct is to try to get rid of it by picking and popping those zits. Resist the urge! Your fingers carry contamination that can make things worse, not to mention you can create scarring. Use a topical gel with Salicidic Acid (and not Benzoyl Peroxide), that can break down the oil in the clogged pore without drying out the skin around it.  


  1. Thou shalt blend thy makeup! When applying foundation, always make sure to avoid the dreaded line that shows different colors between the face and neck.  In order to again avoid contamination from germ-carrying fingers, always use either disposable makeup wedges or a foundation brush that is cleaned regularly! 


  1. Wanna look fresh? Exfoliate!  Nothing can dull the skin more than dead skin cells. If you feel like you’ve lost your glow, use a scrub ONLY TWICE PER WEEK! Scrubs should NOT be used daily since they can aggravate the skin and again, be gentle!  


Go forth and put your “Best Face Forward!”  



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