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November 22, 2018

2018- the year of delegation!

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Happy Thanksgiving friends!! I’m sorry it’s been a bit since I posted…

It turns out this is the year I have begun to embrace delegating… anyone else out there who is a control freak and finally discovered at some point that you just can’t do it all??? Well, that’s me!!!

This year has been quite a full one! So, so thankful… but that very full schedule led me to:

  • venturing into having an assistant (learned a lot from that to take forward as I look for a new one!)
  • using a workflow tracking system for the first time… hello email templates
  • asking a bit more of my girls as we grow
  • and adding a few other girls to the crew

Now during this holiday season, I’m working on having someone automating documents, website updates, and so much more!! Once you embrace letting go, it’s kind of a freeing feeling!!! Be on the lookout for more soon..

Thanks for your support, as always! We wouldn’t be here without it!!


Kara, Susie and team

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